Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Ritter Public Library is to provide a safe and orderly environment in which patrons can study, read, research, and attend programs or meetings.  The Library’s Code of Conduct Policy has been established to protect the rights of the public and the staff to use the Library, and its services, without disruption.  

The library is vital to the Vermilion community and prides itself as the community center.  Appropriate use of library materials, meeting spaces and general public space is encouraged.  Nonalcoholic beverages in spill-proof, covered containers are permitted. However, no food or drink of any kind is permitted in the Ritter Room. 

To encourage the enjoyment of the library facility, the library staff will firmly and courteously enforce this policy.  

Inappropriate library activities include but are not limited to:   

  • Loud talking including the use of profanity or other abusive language 
  • Soliciting money or gambling 
  • Inappropriate attire – shirts and shoes must be worn 
  • Use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes 
  • Committing or attempting to commit any action in violation of federal, state, or local laws – this includes but is not limited to vandalism, theft, assault, menacing, harassment, or endangering the safety of others  
  • Disruptive use of cell phone or other electronic device 
  • Theft of personal or library property 
  • Use of the Internet and/or electronic devices for unlawful purposes as defined by federal, state and local laws 
  • Trespassing in non-public areas 
  • Drug use and alcohol use and/or possession 
  • Photographing/filming in violation of the Photography Policy 

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated as it may interfere with the legitimate Library business of other users or staff, and may serve as grounds for removal from the Library.  

The Library reserves the right to evict from Library premises and refuse further admission to any individuals, and/or groups who infringe upon the rights of Library staff or patrons in their proper use of Library facilities.  

Patrons who are behaving inappropriately or disruptively will be warned that the behavior must stop.  If the behavior is not immediately corrected, the person will be told to leave the premises. For serious violations, patrons may be asked to leave immediately. Anyone who does not leave after being told to do so, will be considered a trespasser and will be treated accordingly.  This may include asking the Vermilion Police Department to intervene, if necessary. Habitual abusers of library rules may be banned from the premises for a period determined by the director.  A minor (anyone under 18 years of age) who creates chronic problems may be required to bring a responsible adult, who will remain with him or her in the library.  Additional polices specific to children are addressed in the Ritter Public Library youth safety policy.    

Amended by the Ritter Public Library Board of Trustees 

February 14, 2023