Director’s Note

We live at a new pace. This walk of one foot in front of the other seems like our new normal. There are wonderful aspects of this new way. I am noticing new plants growing in my yard and delightful birds enjoying the sunshine.

At the library, we are grateful to open the doors each day. We work inside a quieter building. Our tasks follow protocol and must be completed with care. But we are seemingly just as busy.

Summer Reading is in full swing. Books and DVDs are pulled from the shelves each day to be placed carefully in paper bags to await someone to come and take them home. Computers are logged into to check on loved ones and to print important forms.

The library looks very different today than it did six months ago. And yet we are still very much the library that you know. We will continue to offer information and entertainment – digitally and in physical forms. We will remain focused on our community. Whether reading in community through Summer Reading or sharing resources, each day we strive to serve each of you in the best ways we are able.
I hope that you are able to appreciate the slow pace and the quiet today. Look for ways to recognize our community. We are thankful for you.

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