Teen Book Review

Nahx Invasions by G.S. Prendergast
Genre: Sci-Fi

Meet Eighth: No Name, No Voice, No Memory of what happened before he was given a
rank. The only thing he knows is the directive repeating in his head: “Dart the
humans. Leave them where they fall.” He doesn’t understand why he follows these
orders but he does, that is until he encounters the one human he can’t forget, “Dandelion.”

Meet Raven: A 16-year-old black belt who is stuck at summer camp when the Nahx
invade. Isolated in the wilderness with her fellow counselors, boyfriend, and his twin
they do the only thing they can: take shelter and stay put. That is until her dislike for feeling helpless takes over and she ventures out in hopes of finding other survivor. When she is injured, whom but a rogue Nahx should come to save her.

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