Summer Reading – Patron Reviews


Wonderful back story for Magneto. It’s historical fiction set during the Holocaust. Great detail and facts involved.
– Rebecca




A new group of teenage super heroes are learning how to get along. The help the prince clean up the gangs. They learn how to become a team.
– Rebecca



Through the Flames

This is my first time reading the Left Behind – the Kids series. This is a story about the children left behind after the Rapture. They join together making a family, looking out for each other. Trying to bring justice for Ryan’s uncle who was brutally murdered.
– Jennifer




British Manor

Depressed over her grandson, Patrick’s family moving to Alaska, Lucy Stone accepts an invitation from her friend Sue to travel to England in hopes of raising her spirits. Lucy and Sue encounter murder and mayhem at Moreton Manor where Lucy solves the mystery of the body stashed in a secret room.
– Jennifer




 Banana Cream Pie

Hannah Swenson does it again when her mother finds the body of her neighbor Tori, viciously murdered in her condo. Hannah has to solve the mystery and find the murdered to ease her mother’s mind. I cannot wait to try the delicious recipes in the latest book.
– Jennifer

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