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This book was an excellent collaboration with a seamless tone. Very much King’s brand of horror! It was a shorter read at only about 160 pages, but the narrative has a great pace. Highly recommended!
– Lindsay




This was a great book that keeps you turning the pages. It explains the world and its hardships that still exist today.
– Tanya


Down Among



                                                                                                I give this book 3 unicorns and a vampire!
                                                                                                                                               – Janine






Great continuation of the previous books and movie. It makes you want to see Descendants 2 (The next movie). It introduces 3 new main characters.
– Rebecca





This book tells an interesting story of Batman’s life even though he is missing. This takes you into Batman’s life by living like him. Dice and Damian take up the mantle of Batman and Robin.
– Rebecca

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