Summer Reading – Patron reviews

dayafterVery interesting book about a group of 4 Jewish women. Each had escaped from Nazi Europe. During the story, they are interned at a relocation center in Palestine. – Heather

fixThe story is very current with Washington politics. Not quite up to par with the usual Baldacci novels.– Paul

bureauNonfiction book. Describes a dating / marriage matchmaker service operating during WWII in London. Great book for Downton fans. – Heather

innocenceIt is hard to believe so many innocent people are in prison. These 15 stories of exonerated people really show this horrible problem. It is crazy to think this can happen in the USA. The 15 true stories are short and easy to read. This is a great book for the summer. – Jennifer

mountainsThis novel is as good as Hosseini’s first novel “The Kite Runner.” The book is fast paced and will leave you wanting more. – Paul

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