“Secrets of the Shetlands” series by Michael R. Phillips

Walter Recommended by Walter The Cottage

The latest series written by Michael Phillips (modern editor of the 19th century Scottish Rev. George MacDonald’s writings) is set in a fictitious island of the Shetlands way north of the Scottish mainland. The laird of the island has died and a court search is carried out by a law firm to find the next laird. The next is an American businesswoman in Washington, D. C. who has no idea of her Scottish background. The first two books (“The Inheritance” and “The Cottage”) deal with her coming into her legacy and dealing with the local people who are now under her care and supervision. Loni came from a shallow Christian background and her relative on the island had a difficult Christian experience. Both come to terms with their Lord Jesus. Warm relationships amongst the islanders, an enjoyable background of island lifestyle strongly influenced by the Vikings and old world meeting new world are explored. The concluding book in the series, “The Legacy”, will be available this summer. Time to enjoy Loni Ford, David Tulloch and the locals of Whale’s Reef Island in the North Sea’s winds and midnight sunshine close to the Arctic Circle.

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