“Frank and Robot” DVD or Blu-ray

GaylynRecommended by GaylynFrank and Robot

Set in the future. Frank Langella plays Frank – an aging jewel thief whose son buys him a domestic robot. Frank is experiencing dementia and his busy son is reluctant to put him in full-time care. The robot is programmed to give therapeutic care. When Frank realizes the robot can assist him in a heist to steal an antique copy of Don Quixote from the library for the affections of the local librarian, the story unfolds.

This movie gives a glimpse into the future of how robots are about to change our lives. In a recent article written by award winning sci-fi writer Liu Cixin, self-driving cars have made inroads in several countries. He expects to see the use of autonomous cars accelerating. This would transform our economy. People who drive for a living would loss their jobs. E-commerce may experience booms because of automation, and car ownership would become obsolete. Enter an address into an app, and a car will take you to your plane at the airport, and after you land, another will take you to your destination.

Liu Cixin projects robots will begin to creep into other areas of our lives leaving humans time for entertaining and developing artistic and sporting talents while scrupulously observing elaborate rituals of dress and manners. In this future, creativity is highly valued. People will sport ever more fantastic makeup, hairstyles and clothing.

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