“A Great Reckoning” by Louise Penny

Holly Recommended by Holly A Great Reckoning

One of my favorite late summer/early autumn pleasures is reading the new Louise Penny book. I absolutely adore Armand Gamache. There is nothing hard boiled about him. He loves good food, art, books and company. He believes in redemption and the power of love.

“A Great Reckoning” is the 12th book featuring Gamache. He is now the Commander of the Surete Academy and has been tasked with finding the root of corruption left behind by the former commander. In doing so, he finds that it is more traumatic than he guessed. He also needs to rely on an old friend who has been tainted by past corruption. We are also introduced to new characters – in particular Isabelle, the new recruit who Gamache chooses to redeem.

Even though half of the novel takes place at the academy, there is still much to love about Three Pines. The whole cast of characters is still there – Clara, Ruth, Gabri, Oliver and Myrna. Jean-Guy and Annie are expecting an addition to their family and Reine Marie continues to be the perfect wife.

I’m already looking forward to next summer’s novel…

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