“New Leaf: A Mystic Creek Novel” by Catherine Anderson

Colleen Recommended by Colleen New Leaf

Taffeta Brown is starting to rebuild her tattered life in Mystic Creek, Oregon. She has opened a health food store, Healthful Possibilities, and is living in a small apartment upstairs trying to frugally survive.

Her heart is broken because she has lost custody of her little girl and has gone through a nasty divorce. Taffeta’s ex-husband accused her of child abuse and endangering their daughter, Sarah.

A local deputy, Barney Sterling befriends Taffeta and is suddenly drawn to her quiet demeanor. They become friends and she has a proposition for the deputy – marriage! Will this lead to love and commitment from Barney? What will happen with the custody of Sarah? Does Taffy have a chance to find true love and rebuild the family she lost?

Catherine Anderson writes wonderful stories of love, hope and redemption.

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