“Dinner with Edward: the story of an unexpected friendship” by Isabel Vincent

HollyRecommended by Holly Dinner with Edward

This little gem of a book is an uplifting story. Isabel befriends nonagenarian Edward upon the request of her dear friend. Edward’s beloved 95 year old wife Paula has passed away. He is alone and in need of company.

Isabel is a reporter for the New York Post. Her marriage is crumbling and she is burying herself in her work. Yet, she makes time for Edward and the friendship transforms her life. By taking time out to help her solve her problems, Edward begins to overcome his grief. His gourmet meals uplift both of them. They are delightful little creations that pair lovingly perfected dishes with wine and dessert.

In short, Edward teaches this international reporter the value of a “life well lived”. By slowing down, thinking things through, and enjoying the little things, Isabel learns just that. I recommend this book to anyone who loves food and wants to create more meaningful relationships. The recipes and instructions that Edward shares are really precious.

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