“June” by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

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“June” takes place in a small town in Northern Ohio during the month of June. It revolves around the life of June and her best friend, Lindy, in 1955, and jumps between past and present by featuring June’s granddaughter, Cassie, in 2015. The story begins with June having recently passed away. Cassie is dealing with her grief, until Nick, a representative from Jack Montgomery’s estate visits her and explains that she has inherited over 30 million dollars. Cassie and Nick must work together to find out if Jack Montgomery, a famous movie star during the 1950s, is related to Cassie at all.

The book illuminates a melancholy summer in Northern Ohio. The text emphasizes the lazy, hot days of summer, but also serves as a reminder that summer’s end is inevitable. The mystery is fairly predictable, but the well-written characters make up for lack of a surprise ending. I fell in love with June and Cassie. Lindy is a secondary character with a giant personality, and the dynamic she adds to the story is very much appreciated. Jack Montgomery, the larger-than-life movie star, seems subdued in the Northern Ohio town, and while I felt that I did not get to know his character fully, I am also not sure if I would have liked his character if the story took place in Hollywood.

This book is an interesting exploration of how location is incredibly important to how people react to different situations. I would recommend this title to anyone looking for a summer read, but I would advise them not to underestimate this one. It’s a light enough read for summer, but this is one that will stay with me for quite a while.

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