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Do you ever have a time when you just can’t read? A period of a couple weeks or, heaven forbid, even a stretch of months, when nothing you pick up is engaging, you can’t read more than a few pages, or even a few paragraphs, and follow the storyline? Seems you’ll never find another good book to read and you begin to wonder if it’s you…

I’ve come to believe that when this happens, the remedy is – TV! Surprise, huh? Bet you didn’t see that coming! Well, let me explain:

I think that sometimes when reading has inexplicably become a chore instead of a pleasure, your eyes just really need a rest. Time to give in, put down the printed page for a while and turn on the television, where today, more than ever, you can get really great stories with thrilling plots and complicated characters, just like in a good book.

Now, before you object, give me a minute. I’m not talking about shrill and shrieky like “Two Broke Girls”. I’m talking about cool and complex like “Orphan Black” and “Man in the High Castle”.

These days, when I want to talk about some great television show I’m watching, I can kind of sort people out by their response. Some of my friends (and you can guess my age right about here) reply, a bit disdainfully, that they don’t watch television. At all. You can read between the lines – what they’re saying is television is for low-brow dopes.

But when I read between the lines, I think what they’re sometimes saying is they don’t have the skills to watch television that isn’t delivered old-school. They don’t have a smart TV, they don’t know how to stream, they still get DVDs in the mail from Netflix (wait, is that still a thing?), they have to show up at the television set Sundays at 9 and they’re still watching commercials. Ouch.

If this is you (you don’t have to admit it out loud, to anyone), then my recommendation for today is that you make the effort to fix it.

Don’t be afraid. It’s not that hard. And, we’ll help you!

Call Ritter today and make an appointment. You can choose to sit down with our tech-savvy staff member who is about your age and speaks your language. (We’ve got more than one! We can really make this happen.) With a small investment of brain power, you can join the future. You can go home and get in on all the must-see TV shows everyone’s talking about and enjoy what some critics are saying is the golden age of television.

And when you’re ready, I recommend these highly popular titles: “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Wire” and the above-mentioned pair. Then when you’ve plowed through those (if you also discover “binge watching”, please don’t tell your boss it’s my fault you’re bleary-eyed!), then come on back here and we’ll talk about what to watch next.

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