“Bone Gap” by Laura Ruby

AshleyRecommended by Ashley Bone Gap

Finn has always been the weird kid in his home town of Bone Gap. So when he claims that beautiful Roza was kidnapped by a man with a face that he can’t remember, the townspeople aren’t surprised when the search comes up empty. People always abandoned Finn and Sean O’Sullivan – just look at their mother, who ran off to Oregon and left them alone. Even Sean, who misses Roza more than anyone, can only find blame when he looks at his little brother. But Finn knows he saw her being taken by the man who moves like cornstalks. He knows that she’s out there somewhere, waiting to be found. With the help of his brother, a feisty girl who looks like a bee, and the weird townspeople of Bone Gap, Finn has to navigate through the gaps that make up his world to find Roza – and himself.

“Bone Gap” took me by surprise. The beginning is a bit slow, with an underlying mystery and strangeness that pulled me into the story. Everyone starts as an enigma, and as the story progresses their layers are slowly peeled back, revealing the complex characters beneath. The story switches narrators to great effect, allowing the reader to really understand the main players in this tightly woven story. The magical realism aspects of the book bubble up to the surface as you read, with the ending being so weird and fantastical that I still think about it weeks later. But most importantly, this is a story about forgiveness, loss, and finding out who you really are, despite all of the gaps in the world. This was one of the best YA books of 2015 for a reason, and everyone should give “Bone Gap” a try.

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