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Smart Phone Video Projector

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Shoebox, magnifying glass, iphone or other smart phone, electrical tape/duct tape, paper clip, scissors or x-acto knife, pencil


1: Cut out a hole on one end of the shoe box

2: Using electrial or duct tape, tape a magnifying glass to the outside

3: Create a stand for the smartphone inside the center of the shoebox using your tape and a paperclip.

4: Make sure your phone is set to full brightness and turn off auto-rotate.

5: Place phone in the shoebox, pick a video, attach lid and turn off lights!


Miscellaneous Monday



Sonic Screwdriver Pen!!!!!!


Pens, FIMO or other polymer clay, a mrable, wax paper, sharpie


1.remove ink cartidge from pen and remove lid cap.

2. take a small amount of clay-about 1/3 of a package and roll it into a snake.

3. wrap around pen. Mark with a sharpie where the pen cap ends to ensure that the pen cap can be attatched later on.

4. Wrap the pen cap lid in another rope of clay and affix the marble to the top if you choose.

5. Add details to your pen.

6. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 255 degrees.

7. Let cool and pop back in ink. Ta-dah!

Check out the full tutorial here.

sonic screwdriver

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