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Duct Tape Hammock

Think that duct tape is only for making wallets and flowers, well think again! Today we will show you how to create a summer hammock out of only rope, dowel rods, and duct tape. Enjoy!


Materials: 3 rolls duct tape
2 wooden dowel (48″ x 1″ diameter)


Step 1: Measure out how long you would like you hammock to be. Most hammocks are between 6.5 and 7.5 feet long and 4.5 feet wide.

Step 2: Begin laying down strips of duct tape length-wise (Hotdog style) sticky-side up. Run under dowels on each end.

Step 3: Run over and around dowel, press tape down onto itself one on side, then roll out enough tape to complete the loop and press the loop together.

Step 4: Continue laying out strips lengthwise, staggering tape joints. Continue until you reach desired width and all tape is sticky side to sticky side.

Step 5: Begin running tape width-wise, under the hammock and folding over.

Step 6: Continue until you have reached desired length and width. Tie ends of dowel with rope and tie to a tree!

Before beginning this project, make sure you check out the full tutorial with detailed pictures at instructables.comĀ 

Miscellaneous Monday

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