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Duct Tape Hammock

Think that duct tape is only for making wallets and flowers, well think again! Today we will show you how to create a summer hammock out of only rope, dowel rods, and duct tape. Enjoy!


Materials: 3 rolls duct tape
2 wooden dowel (48″ x 1″ diameter)


Step 1: Measure out how long you would like you hammock to be. Most hammocks are between 6.5 and 7.5 feet long and 4.5 feet wide.

Step 2: Begin laying down strips of duct tape length-wise (Hotdog style) sticky-side up. Run under dowels on each end.

Step 3: Run over and around dowel, press tape down onto itself one on side, then roll out enough tape to complete the loop and press the loop together.

Step 4: Continue laying out strips lengthwise, staggering tape joints. Continue until you reach desired width and all tape is sticky side to sticky side.

Step 5: Begin running tape width-wise, under the hammock and folding over.

Step 6: Continue until you have reached desired length and width. Tie ends of dowel with rope and tie to a tree!

Before beginning this project, make sure you check out the full tutorial with detailed pictures at instructables.comĀ 

Miscellaneous Monday


Take inspiration from these adorable little guys. Gather up some shells next time you stop at the beach, rinse them off when you get home and see what you can create!


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